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Administrative Questions and Answers

What should I do if denied access via FTP or to "stats"?

Be sure to read the FTP tutorial as well as the Control Panel access instruction. If you still have trouble, send email to support@sunnyoasis.com explaining the problem in detail. Be sure to include either your userid or domain name as well as the current account password.

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How Long Does It Take To Register A Domain Name?

Let us know if you do not receive notification that a domain name has been either registered or transferred within two weeks. In the meantime, refer all concerns to Registration Services.

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I received a renewal notice from Domain Registry of Canada, is this legitimate?

This is a scam. See the Competition Bureau court order details here, and also for Domain Registry of America back to FAQ

Whom shall I contact regarding Domain billing?

Questions regarding Domain Billing Invoicing and Payment Procedures should be referred to Registration Services.

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How do I switch from non-domain to domain account?

You need to submit an order by telephone or via our online order form. Be sure to note your non-domain userid in the "comments" field so that we can apply a credit toward the set up fee of a new domain account. SUNNY OASIS will prorate billing of the new account based on the unused portion of monthly rates collected in advance for the non-domain account. You will need to reupload files from the old web site once the new account is activated.

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How do I upgrade from domain plan #1 to plan #2?

Send email to sales@sunnyoasis.com and be sure to mention the domain name of the account you wish to upgrade. There are no additional setup fees to upgrade your account. Downgrades still incur a setup fee though. We will give you credit on the unused portion of monthly rates collected in advance for plan #1 and then bill you the additional cost for plan 2. The upgrade does not affect your current account, but rather makes new features available to you. If we need to move your account to another server, this may affect you only if you have hard coded the server number into any custom cgi scripts you have had built. Your programmer should use relative addressing to avoid this problem. This ensures that you could move your web site to any server without fear of having to re-write little or any code.

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How do I change frequency and mode of payment?

A Fax or Email will be sent to you approximately 30 to 45 days prior to your next billing date at which time you can request a different mode of payment. We accept all major credit cards or payment by check.

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How do I update account contact information?

You can change your billing address and email address in Account Information within your Control Panel. If you have a change of email address, be sure to reflect this new address in your mail forwarding options in Account Settings.

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Can I change my userid and password?

The userid is derived from the first six characters of your domain name and and cannot be changed. You can change your password in Account Settings within your account Control Panel. Valid passwords consist of no more than eight alphabetic and/or numeric characters.

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Can I change my domain name?

In order to change your domain name, you need to submit an order for the new domain via our online order form. Be sure to reference the domain name you wish to replace in the comments section. Please note that we must set up a new account to serve a different domain name. We can prorate the new account based on the unused portion of monthly rates collected in advance from the old account. However, another set up fee will be required and you will need to reupload files to the new account once activated. Please note that the InterNIC will require a registration fee for the new domain as well.

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