Silicon Graphics servers vs. less powerful PC servers
Silicon Graphics multi-processor server for mail, database, & statistics
Communication Speeds
Three Fiber Optic T3 versus a T1 or ISDN line
Router and Backbone
Cisco 7505 router (heavy duty) with a 100 Mb/s interface into a Cisco 1.2 Gb/s switch
UPS,Generator, Backup
All servers and equipment backed by UPS
All systems supported by a 60,000 watt generator
Professional Plan Features and Capacity
Microsoft FrontPage ® support
50 MB of disk space available
4000 MB of data transfer
Unlimited updates via your own FTP account
Domain name registration provided
Custom CGI script support 
Detailed web usage statistics & access to raw log files
Controllable Anonymous FTP
True Speech support
Unlimited Email forwarding
Features listed above available for CAN$40 per month
Corporate Plan Features and Capacity
All of plan 1 features plus:
75 MB of disk space
5000 MB of data transfer
Real audio
Access to SSL Secure Server
Access to mSQL database server & utilities
Features listed above available for CAN$65 per month
Activations done within 24 hours
(Domain name registration depends on registrars)
Emails returned quickly with helpful information
Reach helpful and courteous support representatives
Strategic thinking, top designers, personal attention, competitive prices,
real world results - discover the Sunny Oasis difference. 

For more information,  give us a call at
In North America
& Toll Free outside North America: 800-7633-5750

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