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Sunny Oasis E-commerce Plans

Sunny Oasis uses the iHTML Merchant E-Commerce program. 
An online Demo is available.

$40 / mth $80 / mth $160 / mth
Includes Web Hosting:



  • New boolean search system on the product catalog 
  • Enhanced search results and options 
  • Electronic Software Distribution support 
  • Fast 2 page ordering process 
  • Member/Non-Member Pricing 
  • User Defined Styles for products (ie: Color, Size etc...) 

Orders & Customers

  • ship to and bill to addresses
  • ordering on account with login 
  • customer can get history of their orders 
  • customer can do a lookup of order status 
  • handles subscription and recurring billing for magazines or monthly billing
  • emails customer when order status changes
  • allows customer to create a custom catalog of their favourite items 
  • floating basket option instead of refreshing the screen, allows faster shopping

Shipping / Tax System 

  • Handles North American and non-North American tax systems 
  • Two new shipping methods based on order total and product price ranges 
  • Additional tax level handling, now 3 levels 
  • UPS and Fedex shipping calculation lookups
  • shipping range table for the number of products to calculate shipping amount
  • percentage rate of order for calculating shipping amount


  • ability to change the display order of the product styles
  • the product copy function can now copy style information as well
  • the style editor allows easier editing to fix mistakes
  • "write in" option to allow customization of a product such as monogrammed items


  • allows special promotions to be created and managed
  • discount levels can be created and managed
  • volume pricing calculations on orders 

Products & Categories

  • a product can exist in multiple categories
  • inventory control features
  • thumbnail handling of product images
  • add custom fields to the products table to extend the functionality
  • allows customization of the search parameters
  • suppliers can now be managed

Marketing Features

  • search engine submission features
  • meta tag creation assistance
  • easy subscribe options to electronic web marketing/sales newsletters
  • affiliate program creation and management, great for increasing sales

General Settings

  • selection for weight type (lbs. kgs.)
  • really cool RGB chart for the link colours in the admin
  • option to not store CC numbers in the database
  • can override default SMTP server settings
  • function remove products from being set as New
  • function remove products from being set as Special
  • function to set all inactive products to active
  • minimum order size option to be able to place an order
  • common text areas can be modified from the admin
  • width and height of an image is used to draw screens quicker
  • the customer can select Secure or Insecure for payment
  • checks on cookie path and site URL to ensure correctness
  • "Continue Shopping" button on the basket page
  • redesign of the admin to improve response time


  • Choose from multiple standard templates
  • Download new templates from the iHTML Merchant web site
  • Template options to change colors of textured graphics
  • Easier customization and creation of new templates for experienced web designers 


  • multiple currency support and exchange rate handling
  • selected the credit cards supported to display on the site
  • credit card verification before transaction processing
  • ability to turn off the commerce option and just use as a catalog

Credit Card Processing

  • Over 30+ Merchant Gateways supported
  • Cybercash MCK 3.2 support 
  • IC Verify, Authorize.net and Redi-check support 
  • Email, file and database non-cleared option 

Reporting and Store Management

  • New sales reports based on date time ranges and type of order 
  • Ad hoc database querying 
  • Import and Export options 
  • Email and customer management center 
  • 50+ page detailed store operating manual 
  • account management (Check Status, View Old Orders)
  • affiliate program reports

Site Management

  • Javascript based HTML editor built in 
  • Browser based management of site, banner, product and category graphics 
  • Options to set how the store operates 
  • Error handling features 

Banner Ads

  • Ads can be targetted by keyword from the search system 
  • Ads can be set to run over a specified time period 
  • Clickthroughs and impressions are tracked 
  • Maximum clickthroughs and impressions can be set 
  • Ads can be tied to categories and products

Web Hosting - $15.CDN per month, FREE set-up!
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