DOWNLOAD.COM offers quick and easy access to the top free-to-download software titles available over the Internet. Visit DOWNLOAD.COM to download today's most popular titles -- including must-have utilities, the hottest games, and the latest browsers. The site also features highlights and product descriptions to help you make the right decision about what software to download. 

We recommend that PC users use WS_FTP as the FTP software to download files. It is much quicker than using the browser to download from the FTP sites. You can retrieve either the 16 bit Windows version for PC's or the 32 bit Windows version for PC's. from our site or you can retrieve it by doing a search for it at www.shareware.comand download either the 32 bit or 16 bit files depending on which type of system you have. 

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Mac users should download FETCH as their FTP program. 
Go to SHAREWARE.COMto get Mac and PC programs. 


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