SQL Server 7.0 FAQ

What is the SQL Server Client Network Utility?


The SQL Server Client Network Utility is used for managing the client configuration for DB-Library, Net-Libraries, and custom-defined network connections. Reconfiguring using this utility allows SQL Server to listen on additional server Net-Libraries.  Here is how Microsoft explains it in the SQL Server Books Online “… if your server uses a network protocol on which SQL Server, by default, is not listening,… and the SQL Server Net-Library for that protocol is not activated to listen for SQL Server clients, you will need to use SQL Server Network Utility.”

What is the SQL Server Enterprise Manager?

SQL Server Enterprise Manager allows for easy enterprise-wide configuration and management of SQL Server and SQL Server objects. SQL Server Enterprise Manager provides a powerful scheduling engine, administrator alert capability, and a built-in replication management interface.

When I use SQL Server Enterprise Manager with your system are there any restrictions?

To prevent your security from being compromised, some of SQL Server’s features are not available. All Databases and transfer logs are backed up nightly. In the event that you need to restore data, please contact Technical Support. If it is necessary to restore data that was not due to a malfunction within our systems, you will be charged. 


Use SQL Server Enterprise Manager to:

·         Create scripts.

Is the SQL Server Enterprise Manager automatically installed on my computer?

No, SQL Server Enterprise Manager is installed as part of the Management Tools for SQL Server 7.0.  You must run SQL Server 7.0 Setup and select the Client Connectivity and Management Tools options in order to run this software.

How do I connect to my database on your server?

There are really two parts to this. This first thing you need to do is to make certain you have the SQL Server Client Network Utility installed and properly configured on your remote computer. 


Can I have multiple logins?

For security reasons there is only one login.