About Secure Processing

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a standard to transfer information securely across the Internet. SSL will enable your customer's browser to connect to your web site and transparently negotiate a secure communication channel. Once this connection has been made, information, like credit card numbers, can be exchange with no chance of a third party intercepting the data.

There are some important issues regarding the use of secure processing that everyone needs to be aware of. Every web site name (i.e. www.YOUR DOMAIN.com) that wishes to use SSL will need to have an authentication certificate or SSL certificate. Sunny Oasis Internet can register and install an SSL certificate for your web site.

The SSL certificate verifies the true identity of you and your company.

Please note that SSL certificates do not include the software to process credit card transactions. Although you can securely receive credit card information through SSL, actual processing of the credit card will require a "Merchant account" from an accredited financial institution.

See the instructions for more help.